• Image of Lovedesh Dawat - "The Invite" & Pop Up - London, Sunday 25 November 2018

1pm - Sunday 25 November 2018 - The Empress, Tower Hill, London E1 8EY.

A special preview (Beta) ticket for £30 (limited time only) to experience Lovedesh Dawat, a culinary handcrafted food and travel experience to listen and learn about the authentic slow food Bangladesh village recipes. And why travelling to this destination one day is a must.

Hosted by Lovedesh founder Yasmin Choudhury at a London Bangladeshi owned curry house.

Menu includes:

Samples of Burhani/Sherbet drink
Bhartas (variety of flavoured potato mash)
Wood Fired Chicken Curry
Smoky Village Dahl & Rice
(Vermicelli pudding)

Founder of new British luuxry world heritage brand Lovedesh, Yasmin Choudhury FRSA, is an award winning social entrepreneur featured in The Guardian, Conde Naste Traveller and Deutsche Welle because of her work in creating Lovedesh. She has been working with food, design and travel artisans in her heritage nation of Bangladesh.

She grew up as a little girl above a London curry house. Now she plans to redefine luxury to help showcase talent and skills of artisans in the developing world. And to smash stigma surrounding these nations or regions often colloquially called 'Third World' or impacted by war and conflict.

In 2014 she met Foyzul Islam, a successful British Bangladeshi curry house owner who welcomed her idea to introduce a new British slow food curry house dining experience for his guests that combines her love of artisan village recipes and personal travel memoirs. He looks forward to sharing his own perspective of Bangladesh and to explain why he supports Yasmin and Lovedesh.