Lovedesh®, is a British philanthropic brand in love with the 'Third World', the colloquial phrase used to describe 49 of the world's poorest nations. The term is used ironically and positively and in preference to the politically correct phrase given by the United Nations of "Least Developed Countries' (LDC).*  

The term Third World, was originally coined by Frenchman Alfred Suarez, who simply collated countries into three groups, during the cold war as either aligned with the NATO alliance or the Communist Soviet Bloc. Third World countries were those nations who did not fall into supporting either party.   And later, as those countries that were still developing. Pretty cool? Lovedesh thinks so. 

Founder Yasmin Choudhury, is on a mission to smash the unfairly stigmatised and maligned reputation, attributed to these nations.  To encourage us all to "Let's Travel The Third World', simply by scouting and sharing food, travel and design from countries such as Bangladesh (Yasmin's heritage), Ethiopia, Kashmir and Haiti.